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If you are looking for a complete solution for your point of sale needs, you have come to the right place! Wylie Systems Inc. an Ontario, Canada based POS solution provider has created a POS product which includes all of the harwdare and software necessary to get you up and running at peak efficiency.

Wylie is developing a reputation in the point of sale business for creating products that are powerful, yet easy to use. In addition, Wylie's level of support regarding training and technical issues, is separating Wylie System Inc. from the 'pack'!

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March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014

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Nancy Allen, Manager Ideal Weight, LLC Fairbanks, Alaska

We started using the system in July 2013, primarily looking for a way to help our clinic go to paperless charting. We have found it not only to be invaluable for our chart system, but also as a Point of Sale system to help track and manage our sales. We run over 200K per month in sales through our system and over 300 clients per week. We have been very happy with how much more efficient our staff and record keeping has become. Our staff like the system, our accountants like the system, and the Ideal POS staff has always been attentive to our needs with rapid response when we have the rare problem; even with a four hour time difference. The system is very intuitive and as a large clinic, the ease and efficiency is VERY important to us. We are particularly happy with the biometric data tracking, which has helped us reduce our paperwork. Knowing that all the data is regularly backed up and available to us should something happen to our computers, gives us confidence that the client records will remain intact and available to us at any location, even when traveling. It has also been an invaluable tool for charting client notes and researching purchases to ensure that clients are properly consuming required products and supplements. I can’t say enough about how much we enjoy the POS system for product and client management.

John Lester, Point de Depart, Gatineau, Quebec

I am glad that I connected with Wylie Systems, I think what I like most is their availability to help solve any concerns immediately– they have never let us down. In addition they have provided a constant stream of improvements to an already great product. The POS is great – it really helps me keep track of and analyse sales without being tied to the office. Going back to the traditional cash register – or even the most modern version – would be a nightmare!

Jennivine Lee, Lumina Skin, San Francisco, CA

"I love how your POS has made our lives at our multiple locations easier to manage. It is user friendly for those that are not as technically inclined (like me).  We love that we can do most record keeping and transactions in one place.  Prior to using your POS, we had to use many different types of software and applications. Now everything is more streamlined.   As easy as it is to use, there are still some instances where I need a bit of advice on how to navigate or improve upon our day to day record keeping, and you have demonstrated exemplary service by always responding to any 'emergencies' I may have in a friendly, quick and efficient manner!" 

Jason Schneider, Weight Loss Couture, St. Louis, Missouri

I was so happy to come across Will McKinty and Wylie Systems.  The POS integrates so well into our clinic and any requested customizations have been implemented with ease.  Once we transitioned our existing merchant account to one that directly interfaces with Wylie POS, we were even able to save money on our credit transactions.  Wylie always promptly responds to any communications which is also a big plus for me!

Patrick Hallare – Office Manager

We bought the POS-Connect system for our clinic in California. It’s a great system and the support has been excellent!