Wylie for Weightloss Clinics

Wylie got its start in the world of weight loss, and is continually updating its software to meet the needs of more than 600 clinics in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Cayman islands.
  • Sales Register - CC processing (integrated), save pre-orders/quotes, gift cards, email receipts, discounting.
  • Appointment calendar (like Google only better)
  • Weight loss data tracker
  • Standardized progress reporting
  • Customer accounts – charge purchases, email statements, track payments
  • Inventory control and replenishment – email orders, view consumption numbers, use suggested order feature
  • Customer tracker - appointments, notes, tasks, email, interactions, purchases, accounts, before and after images, biometrics
  • ‘CRM’ – find and ‘convert’ new customers
  • E-Blast system - send custom email templates to customers and/or leads
  • Bookkeeping – track commissions, expenses, account transactions, revenue
  • Analytics – marketing analysis, top Sellers, sales trends

Client Scheduling

Use Wylie’s feature-rich appointment calendar!

  • Schedule multiple appointments per time slot
  • View Month, Week, Day and Resource-Day calendars
  • View by resource-type (i.e. room, equipment or service types)
  • Send automated reminders
  • Set recurring appointments
  • Click on/off, to view appointments scheduled by other users
  • Tabular view available to simplify searching and analyzing of appointment data

Inventory Control and Replenishment

  • Receive whole orders or case-by-case
  • Create orders by vendor
  • Use sophisticated algorithm to suggest order quantities
  • Email orders
  • Track history of ordered vs received
  • Track inventory value
  • Save partial receipts to accommodate back-ordering
  • Use Bluetooth or Corded Scanner for fast receiving and counting
  • View history of ‘moves’ by-product


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